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Sensory Compression Bed Sheet

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NEW: The #1 Tool To Help Your Sensory Child Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep Every Night...


Does your child’s bedtime routine feel like a battle every night that leaves you stressed, exhausted and sleepless?

Then TRUST me you will want this!

  • Deep, calming pressure without the extra weight or heat
  • Melts away the anxiety and provides a comfy "night-long hug"
  • Deeper, more restful sleep every night for more energy and a better mood the next day
  • Stays on the bed, even when tossing and turning
  • Portable & washing machine friendly
  • Recommended by top occupational therapists

The sheet wraps completely around your mattress and provides deep pressure input via compression, rather than weight.

Sensory Compression Blanket


"By snugly securing the same type of material around her bed, I was able to help my daughter achieve the input, spacial, and body awareness her body was so desperately craving. The Sheet works by providing the body with deep pressure input which provides an overall calming effect by increasing endorphin and serotonin production. Endorphin's and serotonin are our bodies natural "feel good" chemicals that provide us with feelings of happiness, security, and relaxation."





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